Postdoctoral fellowship in mathematics

Universite Paris-Sud, Orsay, France
Job Description: 

One post-doctoral research fellowship starting September 2011 with financial support from Universite Paris-Sud.

Applicants should be willing to work in the following fields: microlocal analysis applied to the study of quantum chaos, spectral theory of the laplacian, or, more generally, of self-adjoint and non-self-adjoint pseudodifferential operators, in relation with geometry and the theory of dynamical systems; toy-models of quantum chaos: quantization of symplectic diffeomorphisms, spectral theory of graphs, quantum graphs, large random graphs. Applicants who are not familiar with quantum chaos, but have a good knowledge of models of large random graphs, will be welcome.

The post-doc will be eligible for travel and equipment funding from departmental sources.

The applicant will need to have received a Ph.D. by April 2011 and should have obtained it after September
2004. For further information please visit

Applications can be sent in French or in English. Your application should contain
1. a vitae.
2. a list of publications.
3. a motivation letter.
4. a short description of your past research.
5. a short research project.
6. 2 letters of recommendation sent separately.

The application should mandatorily be sent by ordinary mail to the address below
Isabelle Souriou -- PostDoc ANEDP
Departement de Mathematiques
Batiment 425
F-91405 ORSAY Cedex

An electronic copy may be sent to, but is not required. Applications that are only sent by electronic mail will not be considered.

The deadline for the application is February 15, 2011. The decision will be made in March 2011.

Job Categories: 
Postdoctoral fellowships
Deadline for Application: 
Feb 15 2011