Science Foundation Ireland funded Post Doc position

Centre for Efficiency-Oriented Languages, University College Cork
Job Description: 

CEOL, Department of Computer Science, University College Cork and the
Department of Microelectronics, University College Cork have an
opening for a Post Doc position.

Salary: 37,750 - 40,003 Euro per annum (In relation to experience of candidate.
Exclusive of pension contribution which is provided separately. Entry level salary.)

Duration: from the point of recruitment up to Aug 10, 2012. Extensions
can be granted pending approval of the funding body (SFI), budgetary
conditions and performance.

Candidate profile:

Candidates ideally should have strong background in hashing/bloom
filters (and underlying probability theory), randomization. Knowledge
of compression, transcoding a plus.
Candidates with general experience in computer science/programming and
a background in related areas in probability theory will be

Institute/Centre Background:

University College Cork, UCC, is one of the top universities in
Ireland. It has a large Computer Science department, including a
variety of research groups, several of which are
funded by Science Foundation Ireland (

The Centre for Efficiency Oriented Languages (
developed the novel programming paradigm MOQA (MOdular Quantiative
Analysis), focused on the static derivation of the average-case
cost of computing. The project builds on fundamental advances in
static average-case analysis to expand the scope and applicability of
static average-case analysis tools, with a focus on average timing and
average power analysis for hardware-software systems. A description of
the MOQA approach is available in the Springer book: "A Modular
Calculus for the Average Cost of Data Structuring"
Further information on the research team, research targets and related
publications are available from:

CEOL collaborates with industry, including Synopsys, Racktivity,
Incubaid and priorly Sun and Xilinx.

The current project is in collaboration with the Department of Microelectronics.
Principal Investigator: Michel Schellekens
Co-Principal Investigator: Emanuel Popovici

Candidates should send their CV's to the CEOL Administrator: Caitriona Walsh
Email address: on or before 15th February, 2011.

Job Categories: 
Postdoctoral fellowships
Deadline for Application: 
Feb 15 2011