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PUC-RIO (Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro)

The Mathematics Department of PUC-Rio has an opening for an Assistant Professorship starting
in August of 2011. This is a tenure-track contract, initially lasting one year but renewable (see
“Hiring procedures” below).

The candidate is expected to have a consistent record of high-level research and also to be qualified
for undergraduate and graduate teaching. Professors of the Department typically teach 7 to 8 hours
per week during the academic semesters (March to June and August to November) in two courses,
ranging from basic undergraduate (e.g., calculus and linear algebra) courses to advanced graduate
seminars. Professors are usually assisted by graders and teaching assistants. After the first year
professors are also expected to participate in the Department’s administrative affairs (committees,
student advising, event organizations, etc).

PUC-Rio offers a stimulating research-oriented environment with plenty of academic freedom and
excellent working conditions, such as a pleasant, well-located, and safe campus; administrative
flexibility; research fellowships funded by the university as well as by the Brazilian government;
and a Bachelors program that historically attracts excellent students.

Requirements for candidates
a) A PhD or equivalent degree in Mathematics (researchers with degrees from related fields might
eventually also be considered);
b) Aptitude for teaching graduate and undergraduate mathematics courses;
c) Aptitude for advising graduate students; and
d) A solid record of producing international-level research.

Language Skills
Knowledge of Portuguese is highly desirable as courses are usually taught in Portuguese; in the
absence of that, knowledge of a similar Romance language (e.g., Spanish, French, or Italian) is a
plus. A successful candidate who is not ready to teach in Portuguese by August 2011 will be given
an English-language courseload during the August-November 2011 semester under the condition
that he or she commits to learning sufficient Portuguese by March 2012.

Hiring Procedures
The chosen researcher will be selected by the University Career Committee and is expected to start
lecturing as an Assistant Professor in August 2011. (Exceptional or more experienced candidates
might be offered a more senior position.) University regulations require an evaluation period of at
most three years, after which a successful candidate will be offered a permanent contract. The
University offers fringe benefits such as holiday bonuses, a 13th yearly salary, and subsidized
health and retirement plans. The current starting monthly salary of an Assistant Professor (level I)
is approximately U$4000 (note that living expenses and income tax rates in Brazil are substantially
lower than in the US and Western Europe).

Documents to be Submitted

a) A free-format CV;
b) A short (maximum 5 pages) research plan;
c) At least two letters of recommendation sent directly to the email address below.

Candidates must send the above documents to up to April 15, 2011.

Departamento de Matemática

Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 225 - Gávea - 22453-900
Rio de Janeiro - RJ - fax: (021) 35271282 tel. 35271727 email:

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Universities and colleges
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Apr 15 2011